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P & W Services, LLC
About Us
About Us

P& W Services, LLC was founded by Tim Pishdad and Cynthia Watkins in February 2005.  It was created to house the different entrepreneurial ventures Tim and Cynthia have created.


Tim Pishdad, is a retired Army officer who was working as a military contractor on a local military base when he began working his first venture.  Cynthia Watkins, is also a retired Army officer who always aspired to own her own business. 


As a Military person, Cynthia was constantly in a position where the Army could tell her where to go and when to get there.  As a contractor, Tim's job was contractual so, when the contract was over, his job was over.  He went through four different contracting jobs in five years; no stability.  During this rollercoaster ride, Tim and Cynthia decided to work towards a point where they didn’t have to work for someone else and be at his or her “beck and call”.  Several years ago, Tim was told his services were no longer needed after completing a contract.  They decided now was the time to take their ventures to the next level and began to focus fulltime towards their dreams. 


As entrepreneurs and business owners, Tim and Cynthia enjoyed the stability they’ve found working for themselves and have fulfilled their dream of having Cynthia working with Tim fulltime when she retired.


There’s nothing special about us.  Anybody can do what we're doing. To be successful, all it takes is a deep desire to help people, a decision to change your current situation, a willingness to be taught, and a commitment to work towards your dreams.  Oh!  Most importantly, of course, the courage to have fun while you're doing it!!  That’s it!


With our warmest regards,


Tim and Cynthia


   We're looking forward to talking to you more and working with you towards your goals of financial and time freedom.  Are you ready?  Just give us a call and request an interview!!

P&W Services, LLC

Mission Statement
Our purpose is to foster an environment where our customers and
other business we work with hold us in high regard for our integrity
and honor. It is also important to us to create an atmosphere where
our business partners can interact with like-minded individuals
while developing, growing and achieving their goals.